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Cattery Narbondel

Previous litters

Dutske's 1st litter


Gigolo of Villa Flora
Blue bicolor
cattery Anaphista


Dasyra Dutske of Narbondel
Cream lynx mitted

On tuesday 19/07/2011 our Dutske became the proud mother of 4 little boys and 1 little girl. The boys will all be cream with a point, mitted or bicolor pattern. The little girl will be Blue/cream colored.

The proud father lives with Sandra Paauwe in Goes, cattery Anaphista.


Ragdoll Cattery Narbondel - Specialized in ragdolls, mainly Red & Cream ragdoll kittens
Glazenleeuwstraat 13, 9120 Beveren-waas           HKnr. HK20404271
More info: cattery@narbondel.be

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