> Ragdoll cattery Narbondel

Cattery Narbondel

Ragdolls in Red & Cream

Expected at Narbondel

>We are expecting kittens from Ce'Nedra and Angel by the end of February.

We are expecting kittens from Rohini and Angel by the beginning of March.


Welcome to our website about ragdolls. Are u looking for information?
Would u like to look at some pictures of ragdolls? Or are u looking for available ragdoll kittens?
Then u are at the right adres.

some of our kittens that have moved


Racoon's Isabeau of Narbondel


Aelrindel Benjamin of Narbondel


Valmaxian Dickie of Narbondel (Dante)


Ragdoll Cattery Narbondel - Specialized in ragdolls, mainly Red & Cream ragdoll kittens
Glazenleeuwstraat 13, 9120 Beveren-waas           HKnr. HK20404271
More info: cattery@narbondel.be

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